FERC commenting for the ESU

How to write an effective FERC Comment:

  • Cite verifiable facts, not emotions or opinions
  • Speak to specific points in Millennium’s Environmental Assessment
  • If possible, upload one letter per issue


FERC Commenting Online: https://ferconline.ferc.gov/FERCOnline.aspx

Contested issues include:

FERC Commenting Process: (terrible website design!)

  1. Go to www.ferc.gov
  2. Register for, then select “eFiling”
  3. Filing type is General > Comment on filing > Comment; then hit Next
  4. Search for the Docket: CP16-486-000
  5. Click on blue + under Select, then hit Next
  6. Upload a PDF letter, as well as a short summary comment on the topic you are commenting on. Hit Next.
  7. Select “Individual” then add “as signer” then click Next
  8. Click “Submit” in the final screen. If you don’t do this, it won’t be registered.




April 28, 2017


Honorable Kimberly D. Bose

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

888 First Street NE, Room 1A

Washington, DC 20426


RE: Air Quality impacts from proposed Highland, NY compressor station


Dear Secretary Bose,


I am writing to officially comment on the Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Eastern System Upgrade Project (Project) proposed by Millennium Pipeline Company, LLC (Millennium) in Docket No. CP16-486-000.


Millennium pipeline has already been give significant tax exemptions for all of their gas infrastructure to date through many IDA’s across New York State. The amount of tax they are slated to pay for the Eastern System Upgrade  is negligible, certainly not offsetting the risk posed to local communities. Every township in proximity the Eastern System Upgrade critical above-ground infrastructure has publicly rejected this infrastructure, and specifically developed resolutions stating NO for the proposed Highland compressor station. The negative impacts to our air quality (in an otherwise pristine forestland) far outweigh increased economic profits for a select few multinational corporations.





Full-time resident, ______ County, NY


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