Compressor Station: Highland NY

Compressor stations are part of the gas industry infrastructure, emitting toxins 24/7.

1 compressor station = the annual emission of 22,000 cars

Are these toxins what you want to breathe?

Now let’s talk about “blowdowns

When blowdowns occur, they release even worse Hazardous Air Pollutants:

Residents of Sullivan Country:
How close are you to the proposed station in Highland NY?

It’s not too late to take action!

take action
There is still time to register an official comment on the Eastern Standard Upgrade!


Call Governor Cuomo: 518-­474-­8390
– Tell him you want a moratorium on all gas infrastructure projects, including the ESU.
– Ask that he invest in renewable energy jobs, which outpace those in fossil fuels.

CAAPE information sources:

Compressor emissions viewed with an infrared camera

What a compressor station “blowdown” looks like:

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