FERC commenting for the ESU

How to write an effective FERC Comment: Cite verifiable facts, not emotions or opinions Speak to specific points in Millennium’s Environmental Assessment If possible, upload one letter per issue Documents: FERC’s Environmental Assessment for Millennium Pipeline’s ESU Selected Millennium claims and issues for reference DRN’s report on Economic Costs of the ESU FERC Commenting Online: https://ferconline.ferc.gov/FERCOnline.aspx Contested […]

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CPV Power Plant: Middletown NY

What’s a gas power plant doing in a low-income area of Middletown, NY? Next to an active stream, that feeds into the town’s aquifer? Notice all the red areas? These are “environmental justice” tracts. This interactive slider shows how old census data minimized the impacts on local (poor) residents. Video (04/01/17) showing an active stream next […]

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