FERC commenting for the ESU

How to write an effective FERC Comment: Cite verifiable facts, not emotions or opinions Speak to specific points in Millennium’s Environmental Assessment If possible, upload one letter per issue Documents: FERC’s Environmental Assessment for Millennium Pipeline’s ESU Selected Millennium claims and issues for reference DRN’s report on Economic Costs of the ESU FERC Commenting Online: https://ferconline.ferc.gov/FERCOnline.aspx Contested […]

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Gas Leaks & Hazards

Think gas pipelines are safe? Think again. Pipelines across the United States leak, spill and explode on a fairly regular basis. Here’s a snapshot of the last five years: Read Politico’s investigative article on the dangers of pipelines. Ask Rep. John Faso (R) of NY19, and co-chair of PHMSA (Pipeline & Hazardous Materials and Safety […]

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Big Gas Bibliography

Energy United States of Oil & Gas – Washington Post What is Hydraulic Fracturing? – ProPublica Extracting Gas from Shale – High Adventure Science lesson (NSF-funded) Fracking Pipelines and more – analysis by Catskill Mountainkeeper   Pollution Pipelines Blow Up and People Die – Politico   NY / PA / NJ Region You Are Here […]

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