Big Gas Bibliography


United States of Oil & Gas – Washington Post

What is Hydraulic Fracturing? – ProPublica

Extracting Gas from Shale – High Adventure Science lesson (NSF-funded)

Fracking Pipelines and more – analysis by Catskill Mountainkeeper



Pipelines Blow Up and People Die – Politico


NY / PA / NJ Region

You Are Here – NY Pipeline Map & Stories

State of Fracking in NY – Catskill Mountainkeeper

NYS Energy Map –

New York State’s Fraught Energy Future – by Prof. Stephen Metts

Enviro Politics Calendar – NY / PA / NJ (local communities)


CPV Power Plant

Disclosure of Environmental Justice Issues at CPV – by Prof. Stephen Metts

Protect Orange County – resident citizen coalition


Compressor Station: Highland, NY

Proximity Map to Highland Compressor – for residents of Sullivan County

Compressor Station Health Risks – Curtis Nordgaard, MD


Climate Change

Climate Science in 4 Pictures – Sightline Institute

Relentless rise in CO2 – NASA measurements

Earth Temperature Timeline – by XKCD

Visualizing Change – scientific evidence on climate change (NOAA-funded)

Do The Math – mini documentary by

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – analysis by Bill McKibbon


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