Due to the complex and often overwhelming information related to understand why gas pipelines are not a “transition fuel” but a serious contributor to climate change, CAAPE aims to make this information visual, sharable and actionable.

All of the visual information presented here is based on empirical data from public documents, not “alternative facts.” CAAPe is an outgrowth of several volunteer efforts in Sullivan and Orange Counties in New York, working against further pipeline infrastructure, but has been designed to be relevant for the gas industry in general.

  • Director: Jess Irish, Parsons School of Design faculty
  • Spatial & Data Analyst: Stephen Metts, Milano School for Int’l Affairs, Management & Urban Policy faculty
  • Infographics Designer: Aim Duangratana, MFA Design & Technology RA
  • Outreach Coordinator: Nyantee Asherman, MFA Design & Technology RA