Gas Leaks & Hazards

Think gas pipelines are safe? Think again. Pipelines across the United States leak, spill and explode on a fairly regular basis. Here’s a snapshot of the last five years: Read Politico’s investigative article on the dangers of pipelines. Ask Rep. John Faso (R) of NY19, and co-chair of PHMSA (Pipeline & Hazardous Materials and Safety […]

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CPV Power Plant: Middletown NY

What’s a gas power plant doing in a low-income area of Middletown, NY? Next to an active stream, that feeds into the town’s aquifer? Notice all the red areas? These are “environmental justice” tracts. This interactive slider shows how old census data minimized the impacts on local (poor) residents. Video (04/01/17)¬†showing an active stream next […]

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Big Gas Bibliography

Energy United States of Oil & Gas – Washington Post What is Hydraulic Fracturing? – ProPublica Extracting Gas from Shale – High Adventure Science lesson (NSF-funded) Fracking Pipelines and more – analysis by Catskill Mountainkeeper   Pollution Pipelines Blow Up and People Die – Politico   NY / PA / NJ Region You Are Here […]

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